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EUROBIKE 2023 Germany

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Ride with a smile to your heart’s content

Cikada E-Bikes are expertly designed for a perfectly smooth and comfortable ride. Their range covers most typical daily travel with room to spare. Their speed is just right and in-line with any commuter bike, minus the sweat and the hassle. The Cikada App keeps you and your bike safe and in an optimal condition.

Choose the E-Bike that is Perfect for your Needs:

City E-Bike Features

Built for the everyday commuter

  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Reinforced Tires
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Touring E-Bike Features

Build for the fastest riders in the city

  • Front Suspension Fork
  • Longer Rear Frame for Extra Capacity
  • Powerful Motor
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Cargo E-Bike Features

Ready for a ride to the store, school, or any workplace

  • Frame-Integrated Rear Rack
  • Dual Batteries
  • Wider Tires
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The Cikada App

Our brand-new E-Bike app is the latest in a series of technological advancements in the biking industry from Cikada that offers users a wide range of benefits only a few clicks away. The app is designed to provide hassle-free experience, whether you're an avid cyclist, a commuter, or a biking initiate. It enables the user to keep manage their current ride stats in the Ride section. Users can review all past rides. They can also access information about the status of your bike under the Service tab. Lastly, riders can customize their ride, pair their bike to the app, share their bike with other users, and access optional security features. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits the Cikada E-Bike app offers.

The Cikada App: Ride Features

The Ride option is the most important hub of the Cikada E-Bike app. It tracks the rider’s progress in real-time and shows data like distance, speed, and a user’s heart rate during the journey. It is also an excellent tool for cyclists looking to improve their fitness levels or track their progress towards a specific exercise goal. The navigation function allows users to set a destination and ride without worrying about getting lost.

The Cikada App: Activity Features

The Activity section of the app allows users to track of all their previous activities on the bike. The app stores all historical data, including distance, time, and calories burned, letting users analyze their performance over time. The Activity mode is also great for tracking exercise goals, as users can set specific target distances or run-times.

The Cikada App: Service Features

The Cikada E-Bike app also comes with a Service page that provides users with vital information about their bike’s maintenance and performance. This page shows the current tire pressure alerts, maintenance notices, and even anti-theft warnings. With these features, users can keep their bike in top-working condition for the lifespan of the bike.

The Cikada App: Settings

The Settings page allows families or multiple individuals to share the same E-Bike and maintain individual riding profiles tracking each rider’s preferences. The Settings page also allows one user to connect multiple bikes. Switching between bikes and keeping track of different biking activities and ride history is a breeze using the Cikada app.

Most-Wanted Features


No matter which Cikada E-Bike you choose, you will have one of the most comfortable rides of your life. With front shocks and a perfect seat, your bike will eat rough road with ease.

Battery Quality

We only use the highest quality batteries on our E-Bikes that have been tested and re-tested to make sure they perform their best in all weather conditions.

Battery Range

Our batteries use top-of-the line components and the latest technology, we guarantee that they will last longer than our competitors. As a plus, they are integrated into our frames for a more streamlined design.

Handling and Charge Time

Our E-Bikes are fast, safe, and charge quickly. We also offer the ability to use a key or the app to remove the battery when you leave your bike parked outside.

See what our customers are saying

"I am thrilled to share my experience owning my first eBike. After lots of research, I finally decided to invest in the city ebike, and it has been a wonderful step in the right direction for me and my daily commute. I live fairly close to my work, but walking was never too fun, and biking was a bit too sweat inducing for me. This ebike actually made it work. I save money and gas not getting a ride, I get to work fast, and I'm not sweaty afterwards."

Jenny B

"Once I hopped my new e-bike, it was like pure freedom. The electric motor gave me a massive boost whenever I needed it, even though I usually thought I would not need it. Now that have my cikada, I realize how useful and nice it feels to get a small assist when going up a hill. It's like having my own personal assistant giving me a push just at the right time."

Andi L

"One of the standout features of my Cikada eBike is its exceptional battery life. I really did not expect it. On a single charge, I get to the park, ride leisurely, and get home, and I can repeat this three times before I need to charge it again. Charge time has been very fast and unassuming. I just plug my battery in my adapter and it's ready to go in just a few hours."

Jake P

Cikada: Ride with a Smile!

We started small, but we know we are deliverying the highest quality products. We would be proud to call you our customer and give you the most confortable, safe, and tech-forward ride of your life.

--The Cikada Team--