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"I am thrilled to share my experience owning my first eBike. After lots of research, I finally decided to invest in the city ebike, and it has been a wonderful step in the right direction for me and my daily commute. I live fairly close to my work, but walking was never too fun, and biking was a bit too sweat inducing for me. This ebike actually made it work. I save money and gas not getting a ride, I get to work fast, and I'm not sweaty afterwards."

Jenny B

"Once I hopped my new e-bike, it was like pure freedom. The electric motor gave me a massive boost whenever I needed it, even though I usually thought I would not need it. Now that have my cikada, I realize how useful and nice it feels to get a small assist when going up a hill. It's like having my own personal assistant giving me a push just at the right time."

Andi L

"One of the standout features of my Cikada eBike is its exceptional battery life. I really did not expect it. On a single charge, I get to the park, ride leisurely, and get home, and I can repeat this three times before I need to charge it again. Charge time has been very fast and unassuming. I just plug my battery in my adapter and it's ready to go in just a few hours."

Jake P