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Cikada Touring E-Bike

The Touring Bike is your perfect every-day bike. Everywhere you need to go, the Touring Bike will be there for you. With fast recharges, a small capacity to load belongings, this bike will cater to your every need. The Touring is your perfect bike!

    Color:Alabaster White


    Select an Accessory Bundle:

    Select an Accessory Bundle

    The Cikada Touring E-Bike

    Cikada touring bike is a durable, reliable, comfortable bike and provides extra stability. Extra comfort and stability enhances riding experience when going on long journeys. Disc brake on Cikada touring bike brings you the high braking power, burly spokes adds stability and loading capacity to your Cikada touring bike. Rear hub motor on Cikada Touring bike drives the rear wheel directly, less effort to pass through traffic. 5 power levels for you to meet your boosting needs.

    Distinguished Features

    Mid-Drive Motor

    Due to the Low Step-Through Design of the City E-Bike, you will not have to worry about getting on and off the bike in busy cities. Made for both women and men, the City is ready for any attire you bring along.

    Five Levels Power Assistance

    Our E-Bike provides five different levels of pedal assistance to choose from. This feature allows riders to adjust the level of motor assistance based on terrain and riding conditions. In addition, the assist level adjustment helps riders conserve battery power, enabling riders to travel longer distances on a single charge.

    Hydraulic Brakes

    Our E-Bikes come equipped with hydraulic brakes, which provide robust and reliable stopping power. This feature is essential when riding at high speeds or in heavy traffic, as it ensures you can stop quickly and safely.

    Suspension Fork

    The suspension fork absorbs shock and provides a smoother ride. This feature is beneficial when riding on rough terrain or bumpy roads, as it minimizes the impact of bumps and potholes on your body.

    High Battery Capacity

    The high-capacity batteries offer a more extended ride range and longer periods between charges. This feature benefits those who use their E-Bikes for commuting or long recreational rides.

    Low Step-Through Design

    The low step-through design makes getting on and off the bike incredibly easy and convenient. With this design, users no longer have to lift their legs over a high bar, which can be especially helpful for those with limited mobility or balance issues. This feature also ensures you can ride comfortably, regardless of height or body type.

    Know it all with our

    CIKADA Smartphone APP

    The Cikada APP offers users a wide range of benefits at only a few clicks away. The app is designed to provide hassle-free experience, whether you're an avid cyclist, a commuter, or a biking initiate. It enables the user to keep manage their current ride stats in the Ride section. Users can review all past rides. They can also access information about the status of your bike under the Service tab. Lastly, riders can customize their ride, pair their bike to the app, share their bike with other users, and access optional security features. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits the Cikada E-Bike app offers.

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    Cikada: Ride with a Smile!

    We started small, but we know we are deliverying the highest quality products. We would be proud to call you our customer and give you the most confortable, safe, and tech-forward ride of your life.

    --The Cikada Team--